1.  Why “PondIsSoDeep” ?

Ans.: Long story. I wouldn’t want to bore you.

2. I like what you write and would like to hire you to write for me.

Ans.: Even though I’m not looking for a job through this blog, you could get in touch with me at “pondissodeep(at)gmail.com”.

3. I don’t really like your blog  but I have this product/service. Can I simply advertise it on your blog by adding a link to it in the comments section?

Ans. : Well, No.

You’re free to dislike what I write, but spamming would not be tolerated. Any obscene links provided would be deleted. Although – depending on the quality of the obscene link – they might be  added to my personal bookmarks first.

4. What a bummer! So how do I advertise my product/service on your blog?

Ans. : You can’t. Sorry.

5. I like your blog and since I’m very rich, I want to donate large sums of money towards PondIsSoDeep. How do I go about it?

Ans.: Immediately contact me at “pondissodeep(at)gmail.com”. I accept cash, food, alcohol, stocks and just about anything you can put a price on. Needless to add, all forms of donation would be used for the upkeep of this blog and not on food. Seriously.

6. Can I shamelessly copy stuff from your blog and paste them onto my own blog so that it seems as if I’m the original author?

Ans.: Again, No. Although, you can quote stuff from here, provided you credit me for the same by providing a link back to ‘PondisSoDeep’.


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